Darcy The Boxer..

Darcy’s early years were spent doing martial arts, receiving a Brown Belt in Taekwondo and a Black Belt in Aikido. 

Progressing as an amateur in Kick Boxing, he rarely lost a fight. Out of 140 matches, he had 130 wins and 10 losses. The Olympics were in his sights. He tried in 2004, then again in 2008, then again in 2016! 

Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it. Funding and some questionable judging were obstacles in his path. These were some hard years and tough lessons. Working so hard, and getting so close, but not good enough. 

It made me wonder what it was like for Darcy to watch the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio these past two weeks. Those kinds of disappointments can be hard to recover from.



Remembering a very personal and great accomplishment. Representing Canada 🥊🇨🇦🙏🏽 Respect to all chasing their dreams especially my close friends in fighting, stunts and acting.

A couple stories, read ahead if you wish. 🙏

I’ve trained and fought so hard and as many boxing fighters know, training 3 times a day and sometimes fighting 3 times in a weekend is not uncommon. I started martialarts at age 8 and full contact fighting at 15. With over 140 full contact fights I remember some interesting ways of training. Getting up at 2am Saturday in the middle of the night, filling a wheelbarrow full of rocks and pushing it up a steep hill in the cold rain. Teenagers driving by laughing 😂 haha Good times!!! Always running, shadow boxing in all conditions of weather. Wearing a weighted vest with hand, ankle and head weights running up stairs, hills or the great grouse grind. When I was young, lol chugging back raw eggs because Rocky did it in the movie. All just to win, to be a champion and hopefully one day represent Canada 🇨🇦 Chasing the Olympic dream.

In high school I never knew what I wanted to do but I knew I loved martialarts and the sport of fighting. When back in high school, a teacher asked our class to draw ourselves as the future career we wanted. I drew myself as a Kickboxing Champion. The teacher said, “that’s great but that’s not a career and how will you make a living?!” I didn’t know either at the time but I knew it was my passion, my dream and I had to follow it!! Now here I am today with an amazing career fighting!!! Not the fighting I had envisioned that day in class but fighting in film, stunts, acting and teaching. So blessed and grateful with so many supportive people helping along the way!! Some exciting things possibly coming in the future… My own Boxing Gym/ School, Fights, fighting on film doing Stunts and Acting. Shhhh Possibly this Wednesday on TV and the next day on Netflix. A show called Riverdale 🥊🎬😊

Thank you @wreckstuffstunts and everyone… Especially my supportive friends and colleagues in film and fighting. 🙏



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